Job's Daughters Is Your Place!

A fun and exciting group of girls who love life and

learning about our place in the world.

By joining and being active in Job's Daughters you will:


  • Go to swimming parties, dances, family picnics, sleepovers, mini-golf, and much more!


  • Make new friends and learn

      about leadership.


  • Have a chance to travel to meet and work with girls from around the

      province and even the world!

Be A Leader In Your Community!

Make friends who will help you reach your goals!

JDI offers the qualities that today's young women want and need from a group that earn their

commitment: fun, friendship, community service and the chance to learn organizational

and leadership skills.


When a girl joins Job's Daughters, she is told,

"We strive to teach that to be fair is to do good".


Fairness, honesty, quality, and democratic principles are the cornerstones of our organization.


  • Gain valuable leadership experience, serve as part of a team.


  • Learn democratic principles as you run your own meetings using parliamentary procedures.


  • Decide on activities and plan service and fundraising events.


Want The Best For Your Daughter?

Job's Daughters Alberta is the place to make that happen!

Every parent desires the best for their daughter and wants them to learn the skills necessary to compete in a global market.


Job's Daughters is the place that makes

this happen.


  • Be part of a great team, learn leadership skills and how to plan and run a meeting.


  • Perform service projects for her community, and encourage support of charities.
  • Expand her education after high school, apply for scholarships to help reach her dreams.

How Do I Join?

With thousands of members across the United States, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, and Brazil, Job's Daughters offers you a limitless array of opportunities.


If you are a young lady between the ages of 10-20 and would like more information on how

you can join in the fun, be sure to talk to your parents and then contact us at


Or complete the form on our Contact Page linked below.


Remember to tell your parents that you are interested in joining, and that

someone will be contacting you soon to give you more information.